Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursday, May 14th update

Dear Friends,

Your prayers are a blessing from God! Please continue to pray for my sister's sleep. She is just not consistently sleeping well and therefore very tired. Praise that the meeting with the financial planner went well. She has to think through some things but it was more hopeful.

The biggest concern today is that the kid's insurance did not go through correctly. For some reason, although Nancy followed the exact direction of the person she spoke with, it was rejected. She called back and the superviosr is goimg to examine it and Nancy should know more within a few days. Please pray that they would approve it.

Friday, Nancy meets with the mortgage representative. As I mentioned before, we are praying that she can lower the rate and get it more manageable. Please pray for clairty and the representative's helpfulness there.

Now, I do not just want to share the struggles but also testify that God's grace has also been so evident. Whether it is the men who show up every week to mow the law, the folks who are taking the boys to a professional soccer game this weekend, or the wonderful kindness of people dropping by or sending a gift certificate, we are awed by the love of God's people! God is truly looking after my sister and meeting all her needs, even exceeding them in many areas. Please praise him as you pray!

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