Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday, May 28th update

Dear Firends,

I'm not so good at keeping updates on this blog. Please forgive me!

Good news and Praise to God for working out the insurance situation for the kids. They were finally approved and this will dramtically help my sister, should they need to go to the doctor or hospital for any reason. What a load off of her back!

Nancy is doing well and we are presently praying about a positive development that could help her financially. I do not want to be too specific but please pray that God will grant her favor in the eyes of the ones making the decision!

She meets with some more financial people and deciding what to do with the finances she currently has from life insurance. Please pray for wisdom in sorting through the different advice as she makes some of these decisions in the following weeks. It is tough to think about it as this is the money that will help them to make it these next years as well as the funds that will help her down the road later on. Pray also for her to be able to find a low cost life insurance for herself also as she seeks to provide for the kids if anything happens to her.

The kids are still struggling, please pray for them. They have another meeting with the counselor today so pray that it would go well. They have some trouble wanting to communicate with her so it is hard to make much progress in helping them work through their grief and concerns. Unfortunately, when that occurs, it can be hard as that comes across in their behavior at times. Pray for wisdom for Nancy how to both discipline them but also love them through this tough time!

Praise for their church that continues to come beside them and really help and provide in many ways! It's a marathon, like I've mentioned to you before, so pray for them also!

Thank you so much!

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